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CSM Conference Director

George Hollich, CSM

212 West Orchard Drive

Palmyra, PA 17078


        East District Director

                Ruth Portzline, CLM

               1353 Peach Tree Lane

               Warrington, PA 18976


       North District Director 

               Judy Ehninger, CLM

                 2620 Gracie Lone

              Macungie, PA  18062




       South District Director   

               Sheri Kentner, CLM 

           110 Beechwood Terrace 

               Pottstown, PA 19465 




             West District Director

                Lynn McCord, CSM

                 29 Pinewood Ave

                  Lititz, PA  17543



  Eastern Pennsylvania Conference United Methodist Church

       Conference Committee on Christ Servant Ministries



Conference Director, Christ Servant Ministries        Chair 

                          George Hollich, CSM


Coordinator, Certified Lay Ministers                   Vice Chair

                           Judy Ehninger, CLM


East District CSM Director                    Ruth Portzline, CLM


North District CSM Director                 Judy Ehninger, CLM


South District CSM Director                Sheri Kentner,   CLM


West District CSM Director                    Lynn McCord, CLM


Conference Lay Leader                           William Thompson


Associate Conference Lay Leader       Suzette James, CSM


Director of Connectional Ministries  Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm


Dean of the Academy for Laity              Diana Wrisley, CSM


At Large Member                                         Maria Kollar, CLM


At Large Member                                     Mertice Shane, CLM


At Large Member                                       Aubrey Bates, CLM

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