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Events and Opportunities

Introduction to Christ Servant Ministry  (All are welcome)

  • May 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2023 - Methodists United (MU) is offering the Basic class this Spring as a stand alone class. Pastor Bonny Yaeger is the instructor at Clarks Grove UMC, in Paxinos. Attendance at all classes is required for credit.  For more information contact CSM Conference Director, George Hollich or Patty Korbich.


Advanced Training  (All are welcome)​

  • April 28-29 via Zoom - EPA’s Laity Academy invites all EPA and GNJ members to two weekend learning events this year—one online and one onsite. Ruth Hendrickson, who has for years taught Laity Academy courses on prayer, will teach a course based on her new book Positioned.  Positioned takes you on a journey where you encounter the God of the Impossible through the struggles and triumphs of people just like you and just like me. You will be challenged and encouraged to tackle every hindrance holding you back so that you can walk in your divine destiny.  As you discover the depths of God’s great love for you, your vision for your life and future will shift as God opens your eyes. He knows your true potential and gave you your identity. This book will show you how to see yourself through God’s viewpoint so you can embrace what He is preparing for you. For more information or to register go to the Event Calendar on the EPAUMC website.

  • June 6, 8, 13, 15  - 7pm – 9pm via ZOOM - Healing Communities: Understanding & Developing Criminal Justice Ministries - Healing Communities is a national model for leaders to offer restoration and healing for those affected by the criminal justice system and shares how a congregation can be a station of hope. This course is offered in four sessions over a two-week period, with unique learning shared in each session. The course will cover (1) essential information and perspectives on the criminal justice system, current issues, and the impact of crime on victims, survivors, offenders and families; (2) relevant questions for reflection and discussion within congregations; (3) ideas and resources for laity and pastors to engage congregants; (4) tools, information, and resources for congregation members; and (5) resources and dedicated time to develop a customized congregational action plan suited to the culture, demographics and core beliefs of each congregation.­­­­­ The course has a maximum size of 20 participants and the registration deadline is May 26.  To register go to  For more information contact Linda Van Til or Marilyn Schneider.

  • Although the number of in-person courses is limited, there are many on-line courses that can be taken for CSM credit. (See "Special Opportunities below.)  Some of the opportunities for on-line credit include Basic Sexual Ethics; Emotional Intelligence and Diversity; The Multi-Site/Satellite Model for Churches led by Mike Slaughter; and Both/And: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences For Online and In-Person Audiences.  To receive credit for on-line experiences a CSM request for credit form must be completed and submitted no later than 30 days after completion of the course.   (Download Request for Credit Form in PDF).

Advanced Training on-line via – hosts online advanced courses. The courses on their website identified with the “learning and leading” logo are approved by Discipleship Ministries (formerly the General Board of Discipleship) and meet the continuing education requirements for renewal of Christ Servant Minister (one advanced course every 3 years), Certified Lay Speaker (one advanced course every 3 years), or Certified Lay Minister (one advanced course every 2 years). Although they have other approved courses designated on their website as "Lay Servant Ministries", the following are several upcoming courses…

CLM Orientation  (More information can be found on the Certified Lay Minister page)

      Contact Judy Ehninger, CLM Program Coordinator,  for more information

      Call:  610-442-3140 or Email:

​​Special Opportunities​​​​​​

  • Tools for Ministry Workshops - 2023 - If you participate in this training be sure to complete a "Request for Credit" form to insure that you receive the appropriate credit.. (Download Request for Credit Form in PDF) 

  • Sexual Ethics Workshops - For more information on Sexual Ethics workshops, contact Rev. Jacqueline Hines at, 610-495-6807, or 410-963-1721.



  • –  hosts online courses approved by Discipleship Ministries for use as an advanced course in Lay Servant Ministries (i.e. Christ Servant Ministries). These approved courses are designated on their website as "Lay Servant Ministries" and include a variety of titles including…

       Biblical Storytelling I – Beth Galbreath
       Biblical Storytelling II – Beth Galbreath
       Transforming Evangelism – Debra Dickerson

        Rediscovering our Spiritual Gifts – Beth Perry
        Leading Worship 101 for Lay Leaders - Dan Benedict
        Multimedia Technology in Worship –John Zimmerman
        Caring for the Caregiver - Harriet Wilkin

Those interested in registering or learning more about these titles can view and register by clicking on the following link:

Individuals registering for any of the courses should communicate the necessary information with the conference director, George Hollich to insure that CSM credit is assigned. (Download Request for Credit Form in PDF)

Other Events

  • The Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy offers 11 online courses covering a variety of topics including Methodist identity, early church history, Christian ethics, interfaith relations, and the intersection of faith and science. Laypeople can earn a certification in Wesleyan Studies by completing six of the courses online, or can choose to take courses individually for personal education and enrichment. All of the Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy courses can be viewed at



  • Evangelical Seminary’s School of Lifelong Learning Institute for Church Leadership offers a series of courses in Bible, theology, spiritual disciplines, evangelism, church history, missions, and counseling. CSM credit can be requested for these opportunities for spiritual enrichment and leadership development.  They are  open to all without any educational prerequisites. They are not seminary level courses and do not earn credit from Evangelical Seminary.  If you wish to inquire about courses please apply online or contact Joel Kime at

For more information on Christ Servant Ministries or CSM sponsored events call:  717-838-2812 or E-mail:  George Hollich

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